July 30, 2004


Their own audit says U.S. authorities didn't keep track of Iraq reconstruction spending, look carefully that quote was don't not can't because they can it they wanted to and if they did it would be much easier to find out why there still isn't enough medical supplies, water, electricity, or ironically petrol. The pupet govenment is in crisis and it looks like the elections may be delayed. Not that any elections would really have changed the centre of political power in the country, the americans didn't annex the largest embasy in the world for nothing especially as they plan to maintain a standing army there almost four times the size of what they plan for the new Iraqi army. No country can truely be sovereign with a continuing occuping force like that.

Why then are we there? Despite the continued and growing lawlessness we have got rid of one of the worlds worst tyrants, but this was never given as a reason for going to war. If it had then Blair and Bush would have been pointed out as the hypocrites they are for supporting regimes that boil opponents alive. But then again Uzbekistan is the eight-largest producer of natural gas in the world, but they say this was not a war about oil. How about terrorism then? Well there may not have been any links between Bin Laden and Saddam before the war, but Iraq is now the number one recruiting sargeant for Islamic terror. How about Weapons of Mass Distruction? Small problem Iraq didn't have any, or even any programs to produce them. Unlike say North Korea. If WMD was the reason for war I wonder why Bush opened up diplomatic channels with this brutal dictator of oil poor North Korea?

Bin Laden still hasn't been found, or any of the other leaders of Al Qaeda. With that organisation still carrying out terrorist attacks and regrouping rapidly, mainly thanks to the Iraq War. Afganistan, the country Blair promised not to forget, has been forgotten and left to sink into warlordism, the same situation that made it the prefect host for Al Qaeda, with it's former oil executive President unable to control anything outside the capital.